Academic misconduct refers to a number of activities which fail to comply with the exam rules or assessment conduct. For instance, these might be taking materials into an exam which are not allowed, not referencing properly, ‘making-up’ data for assessments, or purchasing essays or work to pass off as your own. These might be classed as Minor or Major offences, for which the processes and outcomes differ.

LSU Advice is independent from the University and we can support you if you have received a notification of Academic Misconduct, and regardless of whether you admit or deny the offence. Our support can include talking through your situation with you, providing general advice on the process and reviewing a draft of a response letter that you wish to send to the committee. We can also help to prepare you for the meeting if you choose to participate. You are allowed to be accompanied by a person of your choice, in appropriate cases this could be one of our advisors.

If you are struggling with your studies and are worried about committing any form of misconduct, please contact us. We are a confidential service you can come and chat to before making any decisions, and without repercussion from your School.

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You will have been given a deadline by which to respond to the University, so please keep this in mind whilst contacting us.

We will be able to provide our best and most specific advice to you once you have sent us the notification letter and evidence (e.g. TurnItIn report or invigilator statement) you have received.

Students at the Loughborough Campus can email us at, or, call us on 01509 635 072.

Students at the London Campus can email us at, or, call us on 02038 051 364.