Mitigating Circumstances

If you’re experiencing circumstances beyond your control which you feel may negatively impact your ability to complete your assessments as you otherwise would, you should consider submitting a Mitigating Circumstances claim. Eligible grounds for claims vary, so please do talk things through with our Advice Team for advice on your situation and claim. Students at the London Campus can seek advice on mitigating circumstances from the Loughborough London University Welfare Support Team, but are welcome to contact an advisor from LSU if they prefer.

Our support can include talking through your situation with you, reviewing a draft of your claim and advising on what evidence may be necessary.

Please note that there are deadlines by which your claim must be submitted, which will be updated on this page when they are published.

Deadlines for taught students

Semester 1 - 11th February 2021

Semester 2 (UG Finalist) - 21st June 2021

Semester 2 (Non-Finalist/ PGT) - 29th June 2021

SAP - 14th September 2021

Semester 3 (PGT only) - Please consult with your School, as dates may vary in 2021.

Your circumstances

Situations that may be considered as potential grounds for a claim include:

  • A serious or significant medical condition or illness (including ill mental health).
  • A disability which the University was not aware of, or was not properly providing support for.
  • A serious illness, death of an immediate family member or close friend.
  • Being a victim of crime.
  • Exceptional travel circumstances beyond your control.

This list is not exhaustive, and our advisors will be able discuss any other circumstances you are struggling with that are impacting your studies.

We will be able to give you more specific and personalised advice once you have got in touch with us directly. You will be allocated an advisor, who can provide advice via email, on the phone or in person and can guide you through the process and your options.

If you would like to speak to one of our advice team, get in touch as soon as possible. It is really important to let the University know if your wellbeing or studies are being impacted, and we can help you to do so. To get in contact, please provide us with as clear a description of your circumstances as possible.

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Mitigating Circumstance claims must be made by the relevant deadline, so please keep this in mind whilst contacting us.

 LSU Advice
Loughborough Campus

 +44(0)1509 635072

 LSU London Advice
London Campus

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