Disciplinary and Traffic/Car Parking Offences

Our Advice Team can support any student or researcher facing disciplinary allegations, or alleged car parking offences from the University by guiding you through the process. Our support can include talking through your situation with you, reviewing a draft of your responses, advising on what evidence may be necessary and helping to prepare you for any meetings.

Please note that as part of the Students' Union, unfortunately we cannot provide advice on LSU disciplinary procedures.

Disciplinary offences

If you have been accused of breaching the University’s rules and regulations around conduct and behaviour, you will receive notification of an investigation which may be followed by a disciplinary allegation. We have produced this leaflet for students encountering the Section 2 or Section 3 disciplinary process, which outlines your rights, the support available, and some frequently asked questions.

If you have received notification of an investigation or disciplinary allegation, contact us as soon as possible for independent and non-judgemental advice on your response. You will be allocated an advisor, who can provide advice via email, on the phone or in person, and can guide you through the process and your options.

If you would like to speak to one of our Advice Team, please email us in good time, ahead of any deadlines wherever possible. To do so, please provide us with your enquiry and any relevant documents you have been sent. If you have been banned from campus, or the Students’ Union, please inform us to allow for arrangements to be made should you require an in-person appointment.

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Traffic and Car Parking Offences

Most car parking offences are dealt with under regulations relating to Traffic and Parking, unless you have committed multiple or serious offences. All drivers on campus are subject to Ordinance XXIII and to the Code of Conduct on Traffic and Parking in the University.

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You are likely to have been given a deadline by which to respond to the University, so please keep this in mind whilst contacting us.

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