Peer Support

Peer Support at Loughborough University consists of three main strands: Peer Mentoring, Peer Assisted Learning and Peer Led Study Groups. Delivered through the Peer Support team and amazing volunteers, these three sections each aim to give students the opportunity to learn and benefit from the experiences of other students.

Bragging Rights

  • Hosted the international PASS/PAL/Si Conference 2019
  • Over 4,500 students received a student mentor
  • Almost 500 students attended PAL 2018/2019
  • Almost 300 Ask a Student queries in Semester 1 of 2019/2020
  • ~1,200 queries answered by Roaming Mentors across 4 days at the start of the semester

Who you gonna call?
Hannah McManmon - Peer Support Manager
Mark Van Der Enden - Peer Support Coordinator
Anni Valkama - Peer Support Intern
Ana-Maria Bilciu - Education Executive Officer
Peer Support Inbox