1. Peer Mentor

We recruit for this role in March for the following academic year.

If you are interested in helping others transition to University, then this is the voluntary role for you!

As a Peer Mentor, you will have a group of mentees who are usually first year students within your department. In addition to Department Mentors, we also recruit mentors specifically for Foundation, Erasmus and International students. Through meet ups and email exchanges, it will be your role to offer ongoing support to these students. This could include sharing the knowledge and experience you have gained during your time at University, as well as referring students to different services on campus.

2. PAL Facilitator

For Semester 1 modules, we recruit for this role in February/March. For Semester 2 modules, we recruit for this role in November.

Peer-Assisted Learning sessions are optional, informal study sessions which are run on particular modules. As a PAL Facilitator, it will be your role to lead these sessions, this includes planning activities to revise the lecture content and generate further discussion around the topic.

If you have taken any of these modules previously, we would encourage you to apply to become a trained Facilitator using the application form below. You do not need to be an expert in the module, just passionate about helping other people. We are also exploring the possibility of extending this scheme to other departments too.

3. Ask a Student e-Mentor

The core of an e-Mentors role is very similar to our Peer Mentors, as they also provide advice and support to students during their transition to University. However, e-Mentors provide this support virtually and rather than having a dedicated group of mentees. The way it works is that prospective or current students can submit queries online via our Ask A Student page. Typical queries include questions about modules, contact hours, accommodation choices, nightlife, freshers and societies. We then allocate these queries to the most suitable mentor, for example if the question was course related, we would allocate it to a mentor from the same department. As an e-Mentor, it will be your role to respond to these queries; this could involve sharing your own experiences, or alternatively referring the student to the correct service who can help. We don't expect you to know all the answers and are always here to provide advice and support as and when you need it.

4. Peer Support Student Coordinator

We recruit for this role in February/March for the following academic year.

Each School/Department has a Peer Support Student Coordinator. This position provides you with the opportunity to lead your department's team of volunteers, including Peer Mentors and PAL Facilitators. You will be there to answer enquiries, promote the scheme, recruit and train volunteers and report back to the Academic Staff in your department as well as the Peer Support Team. Whilst no previous experience is needed, it would be beneficial to have a good knowledge of the Peer Support programmes that we offer.

5. Doctoral Researcher Opportunities

PhD Support and Social Network - Loughborough Doctoral College

Writing Gym - Vani Naik, Kristina Gavran, Emma Bates, Katie Woodhouse