Peer Support Personal Development Award


Are you currently volunteering with LSU Peer Support and interested in getting the most out of your experience? Then the Peer Support Personal Development Award is for you!


The award will be awarded to those volunteers who have demonstrated, in their volunteering, the development, application and successful articulation of key graduate skills.  Awarded to those volunteers willing to go the extra mile and demonstrating a commitment to developing the role and themselves the Peer Support Personal Development Award stands as a both a celebration and testimony of your achievements in your role.


How it works?


In order to be successfully awarded the Peer Support Personal Development Award interested Peer Support volunteers are required to engage with the Learn, Act and Reflect process. Learn, Act and Reflect offers volunteers the opportunity to learn about, embed in their activities, and reflect on 12 key graduate skills. Associated with each skill is a short (circa 40 min) online training module created to help you learn more about a particular skill, identify opportunities to embed what you learned in your practice as a volunteer, and finally reflect on your experience and articulate it effectively in job applications and interviews.


There are 12 skills and associated Learn, Act and Reflect modules to choose from. In order to successfully complete the Award a minimum of six modules need to be completed. The modules are as follows:


Public speaking


Advanced mentoring

Time management


Problem solving

Emotional intelligence

Leadership and social influence

Critical thinking, analysis & reflection

Creativity, originality and initiative

Active learning

Cultural awareness and inclusivity


You can select any module of your choice (remember a minimum of 6 need to be completed in order to qualify for the Award). The modules can be accessed at any time during the course of the academic year. In order to achieve the award and get your invitation to the Award’s night!, however, the minimum of 6 modules required need to be completed by the 6th of April 2020.


Learn, Act, Reflect can be accessed here


By accessing a particular skill, you will be directed to the skill overview page. Here you will find the three core components of each module encapsulated under Learn, Act and Reflect. By clicking on Learn you will access the additional online training available for this particular skill (It should take no more than 40 min to complete the training). Clicking on Act will provide you with an overview (per volunteering role) of activities you can engage in to demonstrate this particular skill and associated training. Finally, under Reflect you are given an opportunity to articulate, in a manner suitable to future job applications and interviews, your experience and engagement with a particular skill and associated training.


The Reflect session includes a link to the Reflect form. This form needs to be filled in by you and submitted (via email) to Peer Support. The form provides a structure for you to reflect on your experiences and the particular skill you have focussed on/wanted to develop further. Your reflection, by using the STARS technique, should address how you have demonstrated acquisition of the graduate skill in question and how you have engaged with the additional training provided by Learn, Act and Reflect.


Benefits of Peer Support Personal Development Award


  • Demonstrates competency in key graduate skills
  • Demonstrates ability to learn, act and reflect
  • Demonstrates engagement with additional bespoke training
  • Demonstrates ability to communicate volunteering and key graduate competencies effectively
  • Provides Peer Support Personal Development Portfolio which includes award certificate and job application ready articulation and demonstration of key graduate competencies
  • Provides an invite to a Peer Support Award Ceremony at the end of the year


Take part now, and get the most out of your volunteering experience with LSU Peer Support! 


For more information and to sign-up to the Award Scheme contact