What is the PGT Support and Social Network?

The PGT Support and Social Network is a new group this year who will be responsible for creating a friendly, welcoming learning community for anybody who is undertaking a postgraduate taught course.

Who are you looking for?

If you have an interest in supporting your peers by running social events that are designed to help people meet others, learn new things, and find out more about the opportunities and support available at the University... Then we are looking for you!

Why should I get involved?

The PGT Support and Social Network will be a great way for you to get involved in supporting other students. It will allow you to gain experience attending and running committee meetings, event planning, mentoring, as well as many other key skills – and as a result it will look great on a CV or when applying for jobs! The Network provides an opportunity for you to find out more about the support and opportunities happening at the Students’ Union and University. Finally, it should be fun - you get to be part of a team of other students and have a real impact shaping the student experience for your whole cohort.

What support will I get?

Whilst this is a student ran network, you will be provided initial training to equip you with the key skills required to be a board member of the PGT SSN. This will involve event planning, active listening, chairing meeting, signposting and action planning. You will have access to support from both the Education EO and Peer Support team, and you will also be invited to feed into the Postgraduate Federation meetings.

How do I get involved?

All you need to do is fill in the form below to express your interest and then we will be in touch by the end of October!