Do you have a skill that others will benefit from? Would you like a chance to share your knowledge and experience?  Are you an expert in Excel?  A master at Matlab?  Fab at Photoshop?  Fluent in French or a brilliant at blogging?
SkillShare is a fantastic opportunity to help others and share the skills that you have through a one off ‘skills share’ workshop.  We are looking for skills that aren’t formally taught but that others will find useful in either gaining a degree or beyond graduation.  

LSU Peer Support is keen to work with students who feel they have something to contribute, in terms of skills development, to the wider Loughborough community. The initiative is an opportunity for students not only to help others develop their skills but also receive support and training to articulate and develop their practice as reflective facilitators and workshop designers. You will contribute to other students’ personal development and in return you will develop your own transferable skills such as leadership, communication, planning, organisation and facilitation.  The workshop will also count towards the Peer Support Personal Development Award!

Training and support will be provided to those interested in SkillShare and includes a one and a half hour training session, enabling you to deliver an engaging and interactive workshop for everyone that attends. Training will include tips and tricks in session planning, facilitation, and presenting.  

If you have an idea for a workshop that you would like to lead, fill in the application form below outlining your session and your skills. If your application is successful1 you will be supported in arranging a partner to lead the session with, planning your workshop, and making arrangements to host and promote your session.

Application form

Benefits of SkillShare

  • Opportunity to design and deliver a workshop
  • Access to a bespoke workshop planning training session
  • Development of key graduate student leader skills through workshop planning, facilitation and delivery
  • Opportunity to share your expertise with the wider Loughborough Community
  • Your involvement in SkillShare counts towards obtaining the Peer Support Personal Development Award

The SkillShare process

  • Application form

If you are interested in running a SkillShare workshop you can apply here.

  • 1st stage

Upon receipt of application form we will contact you ASAP with feedback on your proposal2

  • 2nd stage

Upon acceptance of initial proposal we encourage you to find a partner to conduct the workshops with and if required we will help to secure departmental approval

  • 3rd stage

 You Attend LSU Peer Support workshop design and delivery training session

  • 4th stage

You submit final workshop session plan, which will be signed off by Peer Support

  • 5th stage

You deliver session at agreed date/time (Peer Support will help schedule session, book venue, etc.)

  • 6th stage

You reflect on your experience and complete a short report

Peer Support Personal Development Award

Your SkillShare experience can count towards the Peer Support Personal Development Award. Each of the graduate skills below can be evidenced through SkillShare. To achieve the Award reflect on your experience through Learn, Act and Reflect. Click here to find out more!

Public speaking


Time management


Time management

Problem solving

Emotional intelligence

Leadership and social influence

Critical thinking, analysis & reflection

Creativity, originality and initiative

Active learning

Cultural awareness and inclusivity

1In some cases permission will be needed from the Academic Champion or department before the workshop is held. Peer Support also has the right to reject any application on the grounds that they are unable to support your session effectively or you session concept has the potential to damage yours or others academic integrity.

2Please note that acceptance of SkillShare proposal is subject to Peer Support and where appropriate Departmental approval.