Action Baca

BACA is a charity that works with young adults who are seeking asylum or some of whom have been victims of trafficking. BACA provides a housing, education to a certain extent to these young people.

More Details:

With Action Baca, we believe that through time, care, support, love, friendship, teaching and guidance, young lives can be positively shaped for their future.  We believe that these young people could change the world.

As Action BACA we organize a number of activities/ events  for these youngs aduts to ease their integration to  their new life and help in supporting to better their life.

We have different schemes a main one the mentoring scheme. Designed to create a safe relationship between a refugee young person who is about to move on from Baca and an adult in the local community, to provide a safety net, advice, guidance and a reassuring presence for the young person as they are transition into adulthood completely. The mentoring relationship would begin whilst the young person is still in our care, to ensure both Mentors and the young people are supported and safeguarded as the mentoring relationship is built.

For more information please contact Action Chair Jodie Evans.

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