Action Sports Club

This is a new project which involves taking part in a series of coaching sessions for a group of home schooled children, so that they can develop the same skills which children in full time education get from their P.E lessons. We hope to deliver fun and exciting lessons for the children in a number of sports, such as football, hockey, tennis and many more. Making this project a great way at getting some valuable teaching or coaching experience if you are considering a future in education.

The sessions will all be prepared for you by our project leaders. This gives you a chance to offer any suggestions or new ways of teaching the children these valuable skills that could make these activities more exciting. You will be given a session plan on a new sport each week and helping to coach the next generation of sporting heroes!

While a Action DBS is not required to take part in this project,it is preferred that you do sign up for one. Please click here for more information about the DBS.