Action Project Leader Applications 2020-21

Action Project Leader applications for 2020-2021 are now open!

Applications Open: Monday 4th May, 5.00pm
Applications Close: Monday 1st June, 5.00pm
Interviews: 15th-19th June (subject to change)
If you have any questions about any of the projects you could lead or want to know a bit more please email:

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Role Descriptions:

Action Sports Project Leaders

  • In-Tandem: This position involves coordinating all volunteers for the in-tandem sports project. You will also work closely with the charity partner that coordinates the disabled riders. The project occurs on weekends.
  • Kids Olympics: The project involves planning Kids Olympics events within local primary schools. Project Leader must also coordinate volunteers. This project takes place during school times and is typically a summer project, timings can be decided by the Project Leaders.
  • Kids Sports Club: Kids Sports Clubs Project Leaders will work with our homeschools contact to decide on times and activities best suited to the children attending the sessions. Project Leaders must also coordinate volunteers and work with the AU to provide better sports lessons. This project is typically mid-week - Wednesday.

Action International Project Leaders

  • Culture in the Community: 2 of the 3 positions will be centered around running sessions within the Nursery. These can be decided around timetables. The 3rd position will focus on primary school presentations. The Project Leaders will all coordinate volunteers and should help fill the respective parts of each project.
  • Action BACA: The project involves working closely with the BACA charity to help provide opportunities to refugees and asylum seekers. Activities are subject to change dependant on the group of young adults with the charity at the time. The current project runs on Saturdays.
  • Language Support Scheme: The Language Support Scheme is also responsible for the English Conversational Club. Both projects require regular volunteers and provide the ability to learn and teach languages in a fun and relaxed environment. Sessions typically happen in the evenings.

Young Persons Project Leaders

  • Kids Cooking: Each Project Leader will work with a primary school each. Typically Rendell and Robert Bakewell Primary. Each Project Leader runs a weekly session with a group of 4-8 children. Coordination of volunteers is also important each week. Typically run on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this is flexible around timetables.
  • CHICKS: You will work closely with CHICKS as a charity partner to coordinate volunteers taking part in their residential trips. Trips are a week long and occur year-round so the project is flexible for volunteers.
  • STEM: Come up with ideas for and plan projects related to STEM. The target group is children in the local area. You will also coordinate the volunteers for the project. Sessions can run around your timetable.
  • Kids Trips: Decide upon and run projects for disadvantaged children in the local area. We typically work with Rendell Primary School and provide projects on Saturdays. You will need to organise activities and coordinate the volunteers.
  • Right To Read:  Work with the schools (St Mary’s and Rendell Primary School) to provide sessions for volunteers to visit the school and read with the local children to help improve their reading in a fun way. Sessions can be changed based on student timetables, you will need to coordinate this with the schools. Typically one Project Leader per school.
  • Number Partners: Work with local schools to provide maths support for those in need of help in a fun and interactive way. Sessions this year have been after school, but can be run during school times if coordinated with the school and volunteers. These sessions can be changed depending on timetables.
  • Robogals: Robogals typically has a group of senior volunteers who help develop the project, these will need to be appointed by the Project Leaders. You will coordinate projects and work with the Robogals national charity to teach children about how to use the robots.
  • Action Nursery: Working closely with the Campus Nursery to provide a range of opportunities for the children enrolled there. You will be expected to coordinate regular volunteering, but also to provide one-off opportunities for volunteers to get involved.
  • Kids Camp: Organise and run a week-long project for young careers to give them respite from their everyday lives. This project works closely with Barnardos and requires regular communication with Anne Cato, the Action Administrator.
    You must have been a volunteer on this project previously to be Project Leader.

Overseas Project Leaders

  • Mexico: This project has not been confirmed as of yet, but would run in the summer and would require volunteer coordination.
  • Thailand: This is a summer project that runs through Rag, with a Project Leader to help support volunteer recruitment and coordination.
  • Uganda: This is a summer project, the Project Leader will recruit and coordinate the volunteers. There will also be a Rag team leader appointed to organise fundraising.
  • Nepal: This is an Easter project, the Project Leader will recruit and coordinate the volunteers. There will also be a Rag team leader appointed to organise fundraising.

Equality and Diversity Project Leaders

  • Abbeyfields Intergenerational: Work with the Campus Nursery to help provide volunteers for the intergenerational project at Abbeyfields Care Home for those with dementia. This project takes place from 2.00pm - 4.00pm on a Wednesday Afternoon.
  • Forget Me Not: Working with the charity partner and organising and coordinating volunteers to sit and chat with those with dementia. Timings can be moved depending on timetables.
  • Glebe House: Working with Glebe House to organise events and coordinate volunteers to help at parties and events, all for those with learning disabilities. Big parties typically take place at the weekends and other events are movable depending on timetables.
  • Open Door: Working with the Open Door organisation to organise events and activities, typically taking place on a weekend. All residents require extra care.
  • Ashmount: Working with the Open Door organisation to organise events and activities, typically taking place on a weekend. All residents require extra care.

Community Outreach Project Leaders

  • Contact The Elderly: Organise and communicate with the charity contact to organise sessions for the Contact The Elderly group. These sessions happen on the first Sunday of each month. You will need to coordinate volunteers for this project.
  • Soup Kitchen: Plan each meal and the volunteers needed for each week. Work with the other Project Leader to ensure that there is a project lead each week. This project has a specific budget due to sponsorships. The project happens every Sunday for the homeless people in our community.
  • Sunday Roast: This project has struggled this year so it needs some love. It requires organising sessions which allow volunteers to cook a Sunday Roast for those in need of it. This is designed to be for elderly residents in the local area.
  • Tea and Talk: This project runs fortnightly on a Sunday and involves organising and coordinating volunteers for the project.
  • University Experience: This project is all about teaching local schools about the possibility of going to university, the project involves setting up and organising workshops for the children and also planning a tour of the campus. This project takes place on Wednesday afternoons when booked in with the action administrator.
  • Special Events: Organise and plan one-off events, such as kids parties, the tea dance, and flick down memory lane for members of the local community. This project requires organsing the event and coordinating the volunteers.