Culture in the Community

The aim of Culture in the Community is to celebrate and promote intercultural enlightenment of our students through cultural activities and fun projects in and with the community. Whether you are an international, British or ERASMUS, Undergraduate or Postgraduate student - if you are openminded and curious about different cultures you are at the right place.

Share your culture, customs and even your national cuisine! You get to help the unprivileged as well as educate young kids about this colourful world. Spread the word about what your cultural background means to you and meet many likeminded people!

This project will be carried out throughout the academic year and includes a wide range of activities. Being a part of this project enables you to choose from plenty of activities to get involved in. 

For more information please contact Project Leaders Kobicka Hariram and Anjali Nair.

1.    School presentations

Students from different countries visit local schools or community groups to run workshops and do presentations about their own cultures, traditions and values. This introduces children and others in the community to various cultures with the aim of educating them and increasing awareness of globalisation as well as cultural awareness.

We collaborate with a number of schools and colleges in and around Loughborough. We work closely with campus nursery by doing Craft classes, knowing that each culture has its unique and fabulous art, for example papercrafts, pottery, weaving, textiles, etc...

We combine the craft class with a presentation and nursery projects to make our projects more attractive and give participants easy access to the culture.


2.    Collaborations

We collaborate with a number of section with Action Societies and even local charities off-campus.

  • Action scouts: In preparation of their International Badge, they will have to learn things from across the globe and be later in the day challenged and tested by their leaders to get the badge.

  • Contact the Elderly: Chatting with and sharing experiences with our seniors about different countries, customs and cultures over a cup of tea and some refreshments.

  • Sunday Roast: Sharing, encouraging and exchanging about cultures through country specific cuisine. 

  • Soup Kitchen: Share country specific cuisine and culture with the lesser privileged while helping your local community. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to work with an amazing team and meet some new people too.

  • Kids Cooking: Help raising cultural awareness from an early age and join the Kids cooking. What better way to learn and teach then by making some delicious food from around the world!?

  • LSS (Language Support Scheme) – Teach kids how to have a basic conversation in a different language! Perfect those thinking about a career in teaching!

3.    one-day-events

We organise an number of events that celebrate special events like Eid, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah and others such:

- Christmas around the World

- Easter around the World

- Kids International Day


Well then join us on this journey of breaking barriers and bringing people closer but also gain friendship for life.

There are more types of activities to keep yourself involved in, so join Culture in the Community Action Project and it will be a rewarding experience for you!

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