Life Beacon

Life Beacon is to help reduce the increased mental health challenges among young people and support them to develop a sustainable lifestyle throughout their education.

We intend to provide knowledge and guidance to young people in schools, sixth forms and colleges to quickly identify their strengths, genuine interests and give them an overview of university education through fun activities in a more relaxed environment. The knowledge acquired through these activities will help them ask relevant questions during opening days in their preferred universities, choose the courses and modules that will best suit their nature and excel with their pre-selection interviews by the universities. Some of the activities will give them an overview of what they should expect in university, e.g., independent?studies, attending and listening to lectures, group work etc.

Subsequently, this will help them enjoy university education since they will be better prepared for the new way of learning. The students who do not intend to do university education will take up apprenticeship opportunities that best fit their personality with slight anxiety and reduce mental health challenges. This is very important because currently, most young people come to university and get surprised with the course or the mode of being thought and studying. The unexpected sometimes causes frustration, leading to a dropout early in the first semester, depression, anxiety, mental health challenges, etc. Therefore, getting them prepared will reduce these risks.

For more information, please contact Project Leader Richlove Frimpong.