This is a brand new project which is based in Romania (mainly Bucharest), where volunteers will work alongside the charity Children in Distress who help suffering children in Romania. This includes children who are sick, incurable and terminally ill, as well as those who come from disadvantaged families and generally socially excluded.

On this trip, volunteers will visit various hospices run by Children in Distress and generally be with the children, learning about them and their challenges. This includes activities such as simple games, trips to the seaside, field trips to local parks. As well as this, the volunteers would go to St Christopher’s where the children are physically and mentally capable to enjoy financed trips to the water park, a movie and McDonalds (the favourite activity because a movie and McDonalds is a luxury beyond their means). Along with this, there will also be a chance to do some physical labour at one of the centres, including painting and wallpapering.

For more details please contact Project Leader Yasmin Catley.

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