Loughborough Students Judo Club is open to all! We have members from all levels of experience, varying from complete novices to the elite. Whether you are an experienced black belt or have never taken part before, we’re sure you'll love the sport and the benefits that are associated with it.
Sessions are mixed gender and members benefit from training with players of a similar standard or often others who are more experienced, accelerating learning and development. Sessions focus on a number of different elements including syllabus progression for grading, competition training and fitness. As a club we have historically maintained a competitive presence, sending teams to BUCs as well as other competitions. Now competitions are set to open again we fully intend to resume this part of our club activity.
We also have strong links with a local high performance club, partnering with players at both a national and international level.
If you have any questions regarding the club, please feel welcome to contact any of the committee members or come along to one of our sessions for an insight:
Chair - Pete Hughes - p.e.hughes-19@student.lboro.ac.uk
Vice chair and welfare rep - Julianne Best - j.e.f.best-19@student.lboro.ac.uk
Treasurer - Kondek Kudzia - k.kudzia-19@student.lboro.ac.uk


6 Taster Sessions are held over two weeks starting on the 6th.

Training Times

Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00 Martin Hall

Friday 18:00 - 20:00 @ Martin Hall

Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 @ Martin Hall


The team is led by an experienced Coach with support from student volunteers.

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