Governance & Constitution

Articles of Association

Effective date: 30th August 2019


Union Bye-Laws (updated 30th March 2021)

Delegation of Powers

The Board of Trustees delegates its powers to officers, staff and other bodies. This is detailed here.

Union Policies

The Students' Union have a series of policies that run in conjunction with the Union Constitution. These policies are required to be re-approved by Union Affairs Committee every three years and can be updated at any time in the interim period. The extensive list of Union Policies can be found in the table below.

Policy ID Policy Name Status Approved Reviewed
402 Health and Safety Transport Policy Approved Yes 2020
407 Union Discipline Policy Approved Yes 2020
408 Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Policy Approved Yes 2020
  Code of Conduct      


The phrase we use is 'by the students, for the students'. Everything we do at LSU is driven by your wants and your needs so we are constantly looking at new ways of allowing you give your opinion on the running of the organisation. You may have received a few surveys from us and you are always welcome to email the Exec or pop into the office, but there are also specific groups and processes set up that allow you to have your say.