Democracy & Representation Committee


Democracy & Representation Committee (DRC) is a team of 20 elected students who together act as the regulatory and procedural body for the Union’s activities. Any constitutional or policy changes must be approved by them, and they are responsible for ensuring that activities such as elections and disciplinary appeals are run properly.

The Executive Team are held accountable to DRC, who sit just below the Board of Trustees in terms of decision-making power in terms of Union Governance.


There are three sub-committees of DRC:

  • Elections Sub-Committee: This group ensures that the LSU Executive Elections are run free and fairly, as well as setting and policing the rules during the elections.

  • Performance Review Sub-Committee: This group is responsible for holding the LSU Executive accountable through reports and presentations throughout the year.

  • Disciplines Sub-Committee: This group will form an appeal panel to decide the outcome of various disciplinary appeals that come through LSU. This can be anything from unacceptable behaviour on a night out, to stealing from the LSU Shop.



DRC Chair:

Harrison Curtis


Sabbatical Members:

Salomé Doré - Union President

Darcey Dunne - Vice President