Terra Galactis – A Sci-Fi Epic of a Megagame

LSU Tabletop Games Society are putting on a game unlike anything you've played before- Terra Galactis! Lead your teammates, your allies and your civilisation in warfare of interstellar scale, throwing your legions against the forces of the Empire. And when(/if) the Empire lies in ashes at your feet, balance diplomacy and administration in the desparate fight to emerge victorious as the galaxy's dominant power. This game is bigger and bolder than anything we've run before, and it should be EPIC.

Attendance is free for members of the society! For non-members, you will be charged £5 on the day. This is just to create a sign up sheet!

There is a limit of 18 spaces. I hope to see many of you there!


Reserve your space here: https://lsu.co.uk/shop/product/709-table-top-gaming-terra-galactis 

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17th November, 2019


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