VOTING: 7 MAR — 9 MAR 2022
Welcome to the Exec Elections!
Who will be your perfect match?

What are the Exec Elections?

The LSU Exec Elections give you the opportunity to choose your Executive Officers for the upcoming year. These students, once elected, will work for a whole academic year to represent everyone studying on a Loughborough University course.

What are the positions available?

  • Lead representative of Loughborough University and College students.
  • Line manager of the LSU Executive Officers and Section Chairs.
  • Works closely with the Union Director and Senior Management Team.
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Communities & Democracy Executive Officer*
  • Responsible for LSU's democratic governance procedures.
  • Represents LSU on University Council, among other Boards and Committees.
  • Supports in the delivery of LSU's Disciplinary Policy.
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Academic Experience Executive Officer*
  • Ensures that the academic interests of all students are represented.
  • Maintains a relationship with key University stakeholders.
  • Supports the strategic direction and development of the Academic Representation and Peer Support schemes.
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Executive Officer
  • President of the Athletic Union, with overall responsibility for the section.
  • Supports and represents the best interests of students in all areas of sport at Loughborough.
  • Chair of the Sport Senate, implementing student views and effecting change.
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Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer
  • Leads on equality, diversity, inclusion, welfare and mental wellbeing for LSU and Loughborough University.
  • Ensures that all groups are championed, supported and represented.
  • Empowers and supports the development of the Welfare & Diversity committee.
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* Subject to approval from LSU's Board of Trustees

How will this year's Exec Elections be different?

This year, the appointment process for our Section Chair positions (including Action, Enterprise, Media, Rag and Societies) will be completed via interview rather than a student vote.

In addition to this change, we are also asking that all nominations include a 250-word manifesto which addresses the following three themes:

  • How can LSU develop and support new student opportunities that are diverse and inclusive? How will you contribute to this?
  • How can LSU empower representatives to be change makers at all levels within the University and the Union? How will you lead by example in this?
  • What legacy do you plan to leave at LSU? How will you ensure that you make an impact in the role, and lay strong foundations for the future?

When do nominations open?

Nominations will open on Monday 31st January and close on Monday 21st February.

When does voting open?

Voting will open on Monday 7th March and close on Wednesday 9th March.