Voting Closes - 14/05/2021 4PM
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Executive Officers
Gabriel Ortiz Vieira
  • A better normal
  • With a new VC come new opportunities
  • Improve communication and transparency strategic objectives
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Freya Mason
  • Maintain traditions as we ease out of covid
  • Create awareness surrounding mental health and sexual assault
  • Create a strong network for town students
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  • RON stands for: Re-open nominations
  • Choose RON if the candidates aren't the one
  • RON is available for all positions
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Vice President
Leon Dixon
  • Greater welfare access for the student body
  • Increased correspondence between the Vice President and HSF
  • Reinvigorated democracy to effectively champion the student voice
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Charlotte Style
  • Creating a more approachable Exec
  • Bridging the gap between hall culture and town
  • Increased communication between the University, Union and Students
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  • RON stands for: Re-open nominations
  • Choose RON if the candidates aren't the one
  • RON is available for all positions
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Education EO
Eleanor Bishop
  • Every student heard
  • Culture and community representation on every course
  • Integrity, inclusivity, transparency
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Thomas Young
  • Engagement - champion education schemes and services campus wide
  • Representation - empower education volunteers to collaborate more frequently
  • Appreciation - ensure the efforts of volunteers are being celebrated
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  • RON stands for: Re-open nominations
  • Choose RON if the candidates aren't the one
  • RON is available for all positions
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Welfare & Diversity EO
Alex Marlowe
  • Create an LSU equity, diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • Create peer-to-peer mental health services.
  • Embed Welfare and Diversity into every LSU Section.
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Jean Cameron
  • Student co-working software, breaking the virtual learning barrier
  • Nostalgic campaigns and events showcasing international student culture
  • Expressive and creative activities for student stress relief
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  • RON stands for: Re-open nominations
  • Choose RON if the candidates aren't the one
  • RON is available for all positions
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Sport EO
Rachel Caverhill
  • Enable: Participation fund, gym quiet hours, mentorship
  • Integrate: Centralised training and monthly awards
  • Advocate: Improve transparency and representation across strands
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  • RON stands for: Re-open nominations
  • Choose RON if the candidates aren't the one
  • RON is available for all positions
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Section Chairs

  • What are the LSU Exec Elections?
    The LSU Exec Elections are our annual student leader elections and an opportunity for students to choose their Full-Time Executive Officer Team and Section Chairs for the upcoming year. These students, once elected, work for a whole academic year to represent everyone studying on a Loughborough University course.
  • How will the Exec Elections for 2021 be taking place?
    Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, some elements of the elections may look a little different this year. As a result, all candidate campaigning will take place digitally, and you'll be able to vote via a secure part of our website.
  • Which roles are available?
    There are 5 full-time, paid Executive Officers which are President, Vice President, Education Executive Officer, Welfare and Diversity Executive Officer and Sport Executive Officer. We also have 4 full-time paid Section Chairs who work to lead Action, Rag, Enterprise and Societies, plus the unpaid voluntary role of Media Chair.
  • Am I eligible to run?
    For the Executive Officer elections all current students are eligible to stand in the elections, for one of our full-time paid positions (£19,612) or volunteer position. If you are a non-final year student, then you would be required to take a break from your studies to take up the role and therefore you must be a registered student next year in order to nominate yourself.
  • When do nominations open and close?
    Nominations open at 9.00am on Monday 26th April at 9.00am and close on Friday 30th April at 12.00pm (midday).
  • How do I run for a position?
    You can submit a nomination and run for any of our positions online at All that's needed is for you to fill out your details and we'll take it from there.
  • How do I upload my photo and manifesto?
    You can upload a photo and your manifesto at the same time as submitting your nomination. You can also do this at any time up until Friday 30th April at 12.00pm (midday).
  • Can I nominate a friend?

    If you think your friend would make a great student leader, we'd love to know!

    Whether they've never considered running in the Exec Elections, or just need some gentle encouragement to run, we want to hear from you. We'll email your friend letting them know they've been recommended, encourage them to consider running and provide all of the essential information about the role and election process.

    You can recommend a friend at:
    Submissions are open until 12.00pm (midnight) on Thursday 29th April.

  • What do I have to do to be elected?
    As with most elections, to be elected, you'll have to get the highest number of votes! All Loughborough Students' Union members will be able to submit their vote electronically at once voting opens at 9.00am on Tuesday 11th May. From the 6th to 14th of May, you will have the opportunity to actively campaign digitally to gain student support.
  • What are the rules?
    In order for our elections to be fair, transparent and legally compliant, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed. You can find them in our Candidate Pack – we've tried to make them as clear and easy to understand as possible.
  • What should I do if I'm unable to nominate myself?
    If you are unable to submit a nomination for your chosen role but believe you should be able to, please contact

  • When can I start campaigning?
    Campaigning commences at 7.00pm on Thursday 6th May, prior to this no active campaigning is permitted.
  • What constitutes as pre-campaigning?
    Campaigning commences at 7.00pm on Thursday 6th May, prior to this no active campaigning is permitted.
  • What is permitted prior to 7.00pm on Thursday 6th May?
    • Preparing election materials (including online social media pages, videos and digital assets etc)
    • Seeking help from friends for your campaign and building your campaign team.
    • Asking in general terms what issues are affecting students or views on ideas.
  • What isn't permitted prior to 7.00pm on Thursday 6th May?
    • Online posts on social media saying that you are running or re-running
    • Face to face campaigning
    • Encouraging students to vote for you in any way
    • Your friends/supporters publicising that you are running
    • Lecture Shout-outs including at virtual classes
    • Campaigning on virtual events
    • Posters/Flyers or any election promotion material appearing in a public place
  • How much is the candidate's budget?
    £40 maximum. All campaigning must take place virtually and have the ability to be undertaken from home. As such, budgets are restricted to digital assets and materials only.
  • Can student groups endorse candidates?
    Student groups at LSU aren't permitted to endorse candidates. A set of tailored Exec Elections 2021 digital assets will be shared with each of LSU's Sections for student groups to utilise should they wish to promote the Exec Election and ALL candidates standing for positions.
  • Are boosted posts on my campaign page allowed?
    No you cannot boost an individual post on your campaign page as this is still counted as an ad. However, the Union will support you in puting out targeted ads through its central channnels.
  • How often can I post on my personal social media account
    You can post up to 3 times per platform only during the elections campaign period (6th - 14th May).
  • How often can I post on my official campaign social media account
    There is no limit at all on how frequently you can post from your official campaign accounts.
  • How long does my manifesto need to be?
    You can upload a manifesto of up to 250 word to the website. However, you will have to provide a short bullet point summary of your points to be used for marketing material.
  • Will I need to be in Loughborough during the elections period?
    Ideally you should be in Loughborough during the elections period as the Media Weekend will require that you are available to record videos and take pictures. Additionally the Soapbox and Results nights will be filmed and broadcast live. If you think you cannot be available in person, please email
  • Is the '3-posts per platform' rule for personal social media pages or for groups?
    This applies to your personal social media pages. You can post up to 3 times per platform on a personal page during the elections campaign period. Any posts in an open group must be posted though your official campaign account. There is no limit on how frequently you can post from your official campaign accounts.
  • Does changing profile pictures or doing stories count towards my 3-post limit on my personal accounts?

    Both content added to your personal account's 'stories' and 'timeline'/'feed' count as a post. One 'story' has the same value as an individual post.

    Updating your profile picture or cover photo (once) would not ordinarily count towards your 3-post limit, unless this action was made into a more substantive post, with details about your campaign, manifesto, etc.

  • What constitutes an influencer? There are a few people I know of who do YouTube etc. at University – would they be classed as influencers?

    An influencer would be an individual outside of the student body that has a large following and could exert influence over the student body. For example, in a previous year, France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris was used as an influencer to promote a candidate’s campaign. These ‘influencers’ cannot be utilised by candidates in this election. You can contact the Elections Committee if you are unsure about an individual case, who can determine whether an individual counts as an influencer or not for you.

    All students are entitled to promote the election, support candidates, and be on campaign teams – apart from the exemptions stated in the election rules. Therefore, a currently registered student would not count as an influencer. However, candidates should note that they are responsible for the actions of campaign team members.

  • What constitutes a student group? Is it one that is run through the Union such as Societies and AU Clubs?
    Yes, all groups those run by, or affiliated with, the Union, University or College count as a student group. You cannot be endorsed by these groups. Other, non-official entities such as Towersposting and LboroScenes are defined as ‘communities’ – the admins and leaders of such groups should also provide fair and equal opportunities to all candidates wishing to use these platforms.

  • When does voting open?
    Voting is open between 9.00am on Tuesday 11th May and closes on Friday 14th May at 4.00pm, online at
    Voting is conducted using the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system.
  • Who can vote?
    All students who are members of Loughborough Students' Union can vote.
    If you have opted out of the Union membership, you can opt back in here.
    Some positions, like Education Executive Officer, are open to all students and therefore all students will be able to vote. On the other hand, only those who have an active Media Membership, will be able to vote for the Media Section Chair.
  • Why should I vote?
    • Every vote count: This is very cliché, but previous elections have come down to a handful of votes.
    • Indifference never changed anything: Every student has an opinion on everything at LSU, if you don't vote you lose that chance to have your say and select those who you feel share the same priorities as you.
    • Everyone is different: We have a very diverse University community; if students don't vote then views of smaller groups go unheard - it's crucial that every student has the opportunity to make their voice heard.
  • How do I cast my vote?

    You can cast your vote on any mobile device via a browser via

    Voting is by Single Transferable Voting (STV) this means that students can choose a list of candidates in order of preference of who they want to win. Students can choose as many preferences as they want to, if there are 20 candidates, they can choose 20 candidates (but don't have to).

  • Who is RON?
    If voters don't want any of the candidates available to be elected, there is an option for Re-Opening Nominations (R.O.N). If R.O.N wins the most votes for a position, then no candidate is elected for that role and the position will re-open again in our next election.
  • Can I only vote for one person?
    No! You can order the candidates in an order of your preference. You can still just choose one person, but you may as well order all candidates, so you have a say even if your top choice isn't successful.
  • I'm a Candidate, can I vote for myself?
    Yes! As a student, you get to vote, so if you're also a candidate, of course you can vote for yourself.
  • Can I go back and change my vote?
    No - once you've selected and submitted your final confirmation, you can't log back in and adjust your vote. Once your vote is submitted, there's no way for anyone to access how you've voted or to edit your preferences - but don't worry, you'll be prompted through the process.
  • What is the process if someone can't vote?
    If you are unable to vote but believe you should be able to, please contact
  • When will the results be announced?
    The LSU Exec Elections results for 2021 will be announced on the evening of Friday 14th May.
  • What happens if I win?
    You will find out the results of the elections on the evening of Friday 14th May - we'll publish all the results on the LSU website and circulate them via email. Once this has all been processed, we will be in touch with details of the training you will be given in your new roles.
    Executive Officers formally take up their role on 12th July 2021.
  • If I have any queries or are unhappy with an aspect of the election, who should I contact?

    Queries should be directed to the LSU Elections team at

    If any candidate wishes to make a formal complaint, they must follow the complaints procedure in accordance with Bye-Law Elections.