Claudia Parsons

Welcome to Claudia Parsons!

We're the newest hall on campus, opening September 2019, and we can't wait to welcome our first cohort of freshers! A new resident? Join our Freshers' group to find out all about the freshers' news, events and more!

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About Claudia Parsons

Parsons is the newest hall in Loughborough University, named after Claudia Parsons, an English engineer, traveller and alumna of Loughborough. Claudia attended the University between 1919 and 1922, graduating with a degree in Automotive Engineering and as one of just three women on a course of over 300 men. Following her degree, Claudia became a highly respected member of the Women’s Engineering Society.

Claudia’s passion for engineering and motors never ceased and she became chauffeur companion and the first woman to circumnavigate the globe by car. She was also an author, writing about her experiences in two books. In recognition of her work in women’s engineering, the University hosts an annual lecture in her name, which aims to raise the profile of women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Hall has 480 rooms (including a Performance Athletes Block), and as well as being a part of the Student Village it is also situated close to the Students’ Union, Central Park teaching buildings and sports facilities such as the High Performance Athletics Centre, Elite Athlete Hotel, Swimming Pool, and Waterbase hockey pitches.

All beds are 4ft, with weekly kitchen and communal area cleaning and fortnightly bedroom cleaning. Our state of the art social hub includes the Common Room, Laundrette and more, and this is where your committee will put on great events to make your Freshers and Year the best it can be, in the best hall in Loughborough!

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Freshers 2019

Your committee has been working throughout the last year to plan the best Freshers possible for all of our residents. For the academic year, 2019 - 2020, Freshers' move-in day will be Wednesday 25th September 2019. Don't forget to confirm your arrival slot before the day! Also before arriving, you should pay your 'Hall Subs' - these are what pay for everything we've arranged in the hall to ensure you have an amazing freshers, and year to come.

Freshers Subs - £125
Come to all our events throughout Freshers and all events for the rest of the year. Nights Out, Punch Parties and Sober Events. Includes your Freshers Welcome Pack and T-shirt. 

Freshers Sober Subs - £100
Come to all our events throughout Freshers without the Alcohol included as well as all the events run all year. Still get involved with everything we do without drinking. Perfect for Athletes or those who choose not to drink. Includes Freshers Pack and T-shirt.

Returners Subs - £50
For any Returner living in the hall, includes all events after Freshers and helps maintain the common room.

Affiliation - £30
Anyone living outside the Hall but still wants to get involved in everything we do.

Committee Affiliation - £40
Affiliation to the Hall for anyone on Committee, including Committee Polo.

Fresher Helper Affiliation - £35
Affiliation for Fresher Helpers, including Fresher Helper T-shirt.

Pay your Hall Subs

If you have any questions, you can join our Freshers' Group or message our Facebook Page, and a member of the hall committee will respond as soon as possible. You can also take this opportunity to get to know some of your new hall-mates!

Your Committee

Every hall has a committee, which consists of up to 19 members which help make your freshers' experience, and your time in halls great. Each member has a specific position, and they're your main contact for getting involved in that part of the unique Loughborough University experience! Claudia Parsons' inaugeral committee was founded in 2018, and will run through until 2020.

Claudia Parsons Committee

Your committee is governed through its Constitution and has regular meetings. To find out more about how your hall is governed, you can read the constitution and our regular committee meeting minutes, or contact any member of the committee, who will gladly answer any of your questions.

Hall Constitution and Minutes

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