Falk Egg


Falk Egg isn’t just the most unique hall on campus, it’s a mindset; it’s a set of rules to live your time at Loughborough by.

The people who live here make the brilliant community, and I personally guarantee you will stop and chat to somebody you know (or not) on the short walk up the boulevard (Bouley if you’re cool) every time!

Others claim we are the villains on campus, but much like Cyndi Lauper we just wanna have fun. With our ‘win even when we lose’ mentality you will walk away from every Falk Egg event with a grin across your face, knowing that we have the best time, every time.

You’ll have the rowdiest year of your life that will set you up with memories, friends, and new family members for life. And once you’ve left, get ready to kiss your partner goodbye and return for an Old-Guard Weekend for another taste of the good years.

We’re ready for you, but are you ready for us?
See you in September ;)


What are Hall Subs?

Hall Subs go towards events and activities at Falk-Egg for the whole year. They need to be paid if you wish to take part in Hall events (including those of Freshers Week), use Hall facilities or represent Falk-Egg in things such as Sport and Action.

There are several types of Subs, which are detailed and explained below:


Fresher Hall Subs - £90

The incredible Falk Egg Freshers Experience is back in full force! The Committee has been working hard throughout summer to put together a mammoth 16-day timetable, which encompasses all you need to be fully indoctrinated into Falk Egg and Loughborough Student life for any and all tastes, day and night. It includes:

-      Entry to LSU Welcome Parties, Freshers FND, and several other nights in the student’s union.

-      Entry to multiple nights in Town, visiting Firefly, Revolution, and more.

-      Entry to Punch Parties, featuring the delicious Falk Egg punch recipe you will learn to love, a range of alcohol-free options, and some incredible local DJ talent.

-      Attendance and inclusion in multiple sporting events for any ability, including the latest installment of Falk vs Egg football, a long-standing grudge match.

-      Multiple extra day events and Welfare evenings.

-      Access to the Multi-Hall alternative timetable, a new initiative this year with events each night hosted by different Loughborough halls.

-      An EXCLUSIVE bundle of Falk Egg stash, including your Freshers Top to be treasured for decades to come.

-      Exclusive offers with businesses throughout Loughborough.

-      Oh, and did we mention - memories to last a lifetime included at no extra cost.

Hall Subs - £45

-      Hall Subs are the year-long membership to Falk Egg.

-      Hall Subs fund all the activities the Hall Committee are able to run throughout the year, and as such all of the cost of Subs are budgeted to be used on the hall and hall members throughout the year.

-      They allow entry to Punch Parties, Hustings Nights, Movie Nights, and any other Legendary Common Room Events throughout the year.

-      They include invitations to the Infamous Old Boys Weekend and Hall Socials.

-      Include subsidised ticket prices for Winter and Summer Balls (incredible formal events).

-      Allow Hall Members to join IMS Sports Teams, attend Action Projects, attend rag Events, attend Welfare events and any other section event run by the hall.

-      Includes the right to run and vote in Hall Committee Elections (Hustings) twice a year.

-      Includes upkeep of common room and games room and other shared areas.

Affiliate Hall Subs - £15

Miss Falk Egg? Don’t we all.

This sub is perfect for those who no longer live in Falk Egg, but still want to get involved. It includes:

-      Entry to punch parties and events throughout the year.

-      Ability to join and train with IMS teams.

-      Ability to vote in Hall Committee Elections.

-      Access to Formal Hall Balls.

If you would like more information about what the Hall Subs go towards, then check out our social media channels.