Hello and Welcome to FARADAY!


If you are looking to join the best hall in Loughborough then look no further because this is it. Everyone who lives in Faraday loves it and everyone who doesn’t, wishes they did!


We are situated in the heart of the student village, surrounded by everything you could possibly want or need. Not only have we got top quality bedrooms, we have an excellent common room with a foosball table, table tennis table, dart board and TV. Our lively dining hall creates an atmosphere amongst hall members and the two grass quads are host to many BBQs, socials and our infamous fun day, FaraDay, held at the end of the year, every year.


We are a 5 minute walk from the library and the Students' Union and the Purple Onion (the campus shop, more commonly known as the PO) is right next to the hall... so not only are we the best hall on campus, we are also the most convenient.


Faraday hosts many exciting socials throughout the year. Highlights including our annual Christmas and Summer balls, legendary common room socials, our summer quad events and many more. 


Sport is where Faraday dominates! We have won the Men’s, Women’s and overall Intramural Sport Cups for 7 out of the 9 years that the competition has been running. We offer a wide variety of sports ranging from a beginner level to high standard of competition. We always bring a huge crowd down to all our sporting events so if you are interested in playing sports, enjoy supporting at fixtures and more than anything, enjoy winning then this is definitely the hall for you! Have a look at our IMS Sport video on our YouTube channel for more information!


RAG (charity fundraising) and Action (community volunteering) is also a major part of Faraday. We always win the most money raised in the Fresher’s Rag raid and always try to take the most students on the big Litter Pick. You get to visit loads of exciting cities around the country to raise money for good causes and you can even go across the world building schools and improving the global community. 


Make sure you check out all our social media accounts to give you a proper taste of our hall - 


Our Website: http://www.faradayhall.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaradayHall

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faradayhall/

Facebook: https: https://www.facebook.com/Faraday-Hall-Media-195119420821520/


To take part in Freshers and other Hall events throughout the year (this includes sports fixtures, charity events, volunteering opportunities and more!) then you must pay your hall subs! You can purchase them below before freshers and you'll be all set to go! 


If you're unsure about what hall subs are here is a short video for you!


So all in all, if you love winning, love socialising and love having fun then Faraday is the right hall for you.  


If you have applied to live in Faraday, be sure to check the website for more information regarding what to do next!
If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact Lily Pettifar, the current Faraday Hall Chair on l.pettifar-17@student.lboro.ac.uk - We look forward to meeting you all in September for another UNFORGETTABLE freshers week!