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Hall Subscription Fees (Hall Subs)

If you live in any Halls in Loughborough, you have to pay a Hall Subscription Fee. This goes towards many things, it funds your Freshers week, as well as your participation and equipment for Intra-Mural Sport (IMS). It also pays for your travel and facilities for RAG and ACTION projects throughout the year, on top of the amazing amount of socials we put on through the year (including at least 2 Black Tie events)

Postgraduates living in Harry French do not need to pay a Hall Subscription Fee.

Hall Subs are priced differently depending on what type of student you are:

Freshers Subs - £100. Pay this fee if you are a first year undergraduate living in Harry French. This fee covers your Freshers Week Experience and all the other events throughout the year. These should be paid BEFORE move in day. Doing this prior to arrival reduces the waiting time for you to move into your rooms. This fee is also for all Waterways Fresher Affiliates.

Returners Subs - £35
. This fee is to be paid by Returning undergraduates living in Harry French and covers all the socials (with the exception of Freshers Week) and IMS, Rag and Action events through the year, as well as Returners only socials and Finalists' Week.

Affiliation - £15. This fee is for returners who live outside of Harry French who want to enjoy all the events and socials of a Hall member. You are not allowed to represent Harry French in any IMS/RAG/ACTION events without being affiliated and you are also not allowed to attend any Hall socials unless you've paid this fee.

Semester One/Two Students - Please message me directly.