Welcome to Hazlerigg-Rutland! Find out all about us here.


Congratulations to all those future Loughborough students, especially those who are going into Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall, and joining the Rigg-Rut family. We are proud to be in Hazlerigg-Rutland Hall the oldest - and still the best - hall on campus.



Hazlerigg-Rutland (or Rigg-Rut for short) was the first student body to live on campus in 1932.


We lived in a building right next to the union, which is the most iconic and nicest looking building on campus. In 2008 we moved to a set of new halls because the uni wanted to change old Rigg-Rut into offices. The new building is 10 mins walk away from the union, and less than 5 mins to the library. If you come to Rigg-Rut, you will get all the traditions of an old hall, in one of the newest and nicest halls to live in. (win win!)


Life in Hazlerigg-Rutland is amazing. Even though we're one of the smallest halls on campus, we get involved in everything... Plus- our socials are legendary! Punch parties, Balls, fun Sober Trips to various places, nights out into town and other cities... the list goes on.


Even though we are small, we pride ourselves on how involved our hall members are, proving tough competition to everyone. Join us, and take part in IMS (inter-hall sports), Action projects (helping the community in volunteering) and RAG events (collecting and raising money for charity).




Rigg-Rut freshers week will be one of the greatest weeks of your university life and we will help you make it amazing! You will meet so many new people and make some great memories with our Rigg-Rut community. This years Committee are dedicated and will make your experience the best it can possibly be.


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Before you get here, there is some important stuff you need to pay for;


Returners Subs £50 - Hall fees which 2nd, 3rd and 4th years in hall need to pay if you wish to partake in ANY section of hall life. These are paid at the beginning of the year to subsidise all hall activities throughout the whole year (e.g socials and IMS (Inter-Hall Sport) matches/practices!), maintenance of the common room and a whole lot more. You need to pay these when you move into hall otherwise you won’t be able to do anything within Hall, as you won't be registered as a Hall member. Don't worry, freshers and committee pay subs too. 


Affiliate subs £10 - These are for students that live in town and still want to be part of the Rigg-Rut family. 

Freshers Subs £85 – This fee is for 1st Years living in Rigg Rut in 2020-21. This gives you access to all the privileges of the Returners Subs but also includes your Freshers Week Ticket! This pays for your events which you do within hall within freshers week only (which will become a massive part of your Loughborough experience). You need this to get involved with the activities going on in Hall during the two weeks of freshers such as entries and travel to clubs, bowling, day trips, punch parties and more. You’ll get a wristband, a freshers pack and a T-shirt which lets us know you’ve bought it, and you’ll get to meet all the people you’ll be spending the next year living with!

LSU Membership - Platinum is an optional deal that pays for all your union entry throughout the year as well as a discount on other union events and drinks deals which alternate monthly. This isn’t part of Rigg-Rut Freshers week, although you will need to get it if you’re planning on going to Freshers Ball! This is definitely a great option if you plan on being really social, and will save you so much money throughout the year! 

Platinum cards will be available to buy at www.lsu.co.uk/platinum from late summer