John Phillips

If you don't have a degree, you're not coming in!

Welcome to the most multi-cultural hall on campus!

Visit our hall website:

where you can find all the information you need about JP and how to affiliate to JP under the Get Involved tab!


Want to be a member of the John Phillips All-Star Committee?

Nominations are now open to stand to be a member of the John Phillips All-star committee!

If you want to find out more about the All-Star Committee and what it does, click here to read up!

If you want to nominate yourself for one of the roles, click here to download the form!


Why JP?

Coming to university is all about the experience, at JP you’re guaranteed to meet people from all around the globe! We’re proud to embrace the diversity and community that our hall offers. Being part of a hall also means being able to participate in RAG events, Action events, Social events, Welfare events and the IMS. Each hall also has a committee that organizes events throughout the year!


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Hall Subs & Affiliation

Everyone in the Hall is required to pay Hall Subs – it is part of your contract with the hall!

This site allows you to pay your hall subs quickly, before you arrive at Loughborough and start the hard work of your course.  Hall Subs go in to a fund to be used for the benefit of all hall members. Hall Subs are typically used to subsidise, trips i.e. to Alton Towers, events such as the Halloween Party and Hall Balls at Christmas and Summer. The use of the money is determined by the Hall and is totally transparent: the bank account and petty cash has to be accounted for at Hall General Meetings.


Not living in JP? Postgraduate student? Want to get involved in Sport, Social events, RAG and Action? Then take advantage of our affilation offer - for just £15 for the whole year, you can affiliate to JP and join in with all the Sporting, Social, Charity and Volunteering events we put on! Follow the same steps as below except click on Affiliation rather than Pay Hall Subs



To pay you must first register online with the Student Union, this also allows you to join the diverse range of Societies and Athletic Union Clubs as well as paying Hall subs. 

Please check our website on how to register here:


Paying your Hall Subs

To do this you must login on the Student Union Website after successful registration, your ID number or "A"/"B" number is your Username. You should see a little icon at the bottom of this page for the Hall Subs of £50. Click on this icon and Hall Subs will be added to your Union Shopping Basket. Have a look at all the events, clubs and societies you can join before proceeding to the checkout. You can use Credit Cards and Debit cards to pay all of this.

If you have trouble with this please contact our hall email address: