The Holt

Welcome to The Holt: The oldest hall in Loughborough!

Welcome to The Holt - the most attractive accommodation Loughborough has to offer, providing the Holtimate hall experience for both freshers and returners!

Located just a ten minute walk from campus, the five main accommodation blocks surround the Old Holt, a listed Victorian mansion. The Old Holt contains the reception, laundry room and some bigger rooms, as well as the Common Room, which is furnished with pool and snooker tables, vending machines, comfy sofas and a flatscreen TV. We may be off campus, but we are still fully involved in Uni life and share everything Uni life has to offer!

Each block is divided into flats, each with a fully kitted-out kitchen and dining area. All rooms have 4ft beds, an en-suite and desk space, making your student life as comfortable as possible!

With a wide range of students here, The Holt is ideal for everyone, with your Student Committee ensuring that Freshers is a fortnight you will never forget, and that you have the best year of your life in Halls. The Action, RAG, Sport and Social Reps, as part of your Committee, have events coming up for you throughout the year, which are not to be missed! Be sure to get yourself involved in dog walking projects, the Colour Run, IMS Sport, Punch Parties and a whole host of other events put on around The Holt and the wider Uni throughout the year!

We're getting bigger and better every year - get involved with The Holt! Make sure to check out all of our media links at the bottom of the page and don't forget to look out for Stanley the Stag!














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Hall Subs

Hall Subs go towards events and activities at The Holt for the whole year. This is a different payment from your Room Bond (which is part of your accommodation costs). They need to be paid if you wish to take part in Hall events (including those of Freshers Week), use Hall facilities or represent The Holt in things such as Sport and Action. Buying them early - which can be done by scrolling to the bottom of the page - helps us speed up the process on move in day. There are three types of Subs, which are detailed below:


Freshers Subs - £100: Fresher Subs are bought by Freshers living in The Holt, those living in The Gables or other first-year undergraduates that wish to take part in hall events here. This one-off payment entitles you to be a part of Freshers Week, enjoy punch parties and other social activities within the Hall and Loughborough as a whole, as well as other events throughout the rest of the year. 


Returners Subs - £50: Returners Subs are bought by those returning to The Holt after their first year. It will cover all events throughout the year, with the exception of Freshers Week.


Affiliation Subs – £25: Affiliation Subs are bought by students living outside of The Holt, but who still want to participate in Hall activities. These are also for Committee Members and Fresher Helpers living outside of The Holt. This fee covers using our facilities (like the Common Room) or representing the hall in sporting events, etc. This payment does not include Freshers Week


As mentioned, these need to be paid if you want to takle part in Hall events (including Freshers!) or represent the Holt in activities run by sections such as RAG and Sport. It's a really worthwhile payment which allows you to fully enjoy the Hall experience, whilst allowing us to put on bigger and better events! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and pay your subs so you don't miss out!