William Morris


Welcome to William Morris Hall, the 3rd largest hall in Loughborough with an unrivaled hall spirit and a reputation for success. 
As the most over-subscribed hall, we're home to 487 self-catered students and ensure that each and every one of our students get the very best from their Loughborough experience. As well as being the nearest hall to the Student's Union (night's out, cafe's and shops), we're also only a 10-minute walk from both Town and the Library, putting us in a prime location for any student. As well as all this, we have our own on-site Study Room equipped with booths, TV’s for group work and refreshments. We work hard and play hard!

Bill Mo is famous for getting its residents involved, its unrivalled banter and of course it's partying. No one does it better than Bill Mo. As well as this, the hall plays a successful part in the inter-hall sports program, offering sports from rugby to archery, and netball to rocket-ball, ensuring there's something for everyone to get involved in. Volunteering also plays a large part in the life of Bill Mo-er's, with the hall winning Rag (fundraising) in 08, 09 and 15, and finishing runners up in 2010, 11, 13 & 14! Alongside, this the Action (community projects) section is massive with our hall winning in the previous two years. 

Social life in Bill Mo is second to none. We provide a huge range of social events throughout the year that is not forgotten quickly. With more hall fun days than anyone else, our hall parties are huge. Our regular punch parties are known across campus and always provide the best start to any Loughborough night. The annual summer ball is by far the messiest compared to any other hall making it the biggest and best event of the year. 

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information on what to pay:

Freshers' Subs - £106

This is a one-off payment paid solely by FRESHERS'! 
This single payment covers pretty much everything for the whole year, from the day you arrive to the day you leave our hall. It includes Freshers fortnight, two weeks of events and tonnes of goodies at no additional cost! During this period, it covers themed socials, club entries, fresher tops, freshers’ packs, IMS trials and everything else! This payment also covers many events throughout the year, such as punch party’s smoothie making days, and helps subsides the cost you have to pay to certain events throughout the year on the larger scale, such as Winter and Summer Balls for the Hall! 


Returners Subs - £51

This is a one-off payment paid by RETURNERS' 
This money goes towards any events that are put on throughout the year and the day to day running of the hall after freshers. It also helps subsides the cost for you on ticket prices for the larger events such as Summer Ball. Examples of what the money Is spent on; Hall socials, prizes for fundraising for RAG, freebies around the hall and much more.


Affiliates - £10

This is paid by people who no longer live in hall but who wish to take part in some of the activities that go on throughout the year. This fee also gives those outside the hall access to IMS,  Rag, Action, Welfare, FREEC.


Team Freshers - £57

This is paid by the COMMITTEE MEMBERS and FRESHER HELPERS (in or out of hall) to cover the cost of Freshers Fortnight. 
This also includes Hall Subs for the rest of the year, so you don’t have to pay that on top too!

If you wish to partake in Freshers fortnight then purchase this. However, this only additionally includes AFFILIATION, so can only take part in the other sections. It does not include Hall Subs, if you want to take part in events throughout the rest of the year you will need to purchase HALL SUBS separately.


Still confused? Use these simple questions to help decide what sub to buy.

Are you a FRESHER?
Buy the FRESHER sub!

Are you a SECOND YEAR & ABOVE wanting to take part in FRESHERS' WEEK & THE REST OF THE YEAR?
Buy the FRESHER sub!

Are you a SECOND YEAR & ABOVE wanting to take part in FRESHERS' WEEK ONLY?
Buy the TEAM FRESHER sub!

Are you a SECOND YEAR & ABOVE wanting to take part in hall life AFTER FRESHERS' WEEK? 
Buy the HALL sub!

Are you a SECOND YEAR & ABOVE only wanting to take part in Action, IMS, RAG and Welfare & FREEC?
Buy the AFFILIATION sub!