Future Computer monitors in public student workspaces and meeting rooms to come with USB-C ports
I would like for future purchases of computer related products in public student workspaces to come USB-C ports.

Why: When a student comes to the desk they can plug in their laptop to the monitor(s) so that they can charge their laptops as well as use the desktop monitor as a second screen for their laptop while they study.

USB-C is an open standard for cables which allows for data transfer, display signal and power to be carried on one cable all at once. Most new devices (especially ultra/notebooks) come with a USB-C port as their default port. The EU is also currently at the moment pushing for official legislation mandating new phones to come with USB-C ports so as to ensure connectivity for all.

No e-waste will (directly) be created as it will only need to be done when new technology is purchased by the university inline with their existing aquisition cycles.
Submitted by Alessio G.

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