Fix the lift next to the union shop for students with accessibility requirements.
The second floor of the union where the central experiences of the union occur is not accessible to those requiring lifts, such as our wheelchair students or those unable to use the stairs for various reasons. The union should be to be fully accessible to all: the lift next door to the union shop has been out of order for years. Now). The other lift is now inaccessible during the daytime due to the piazza doors to room one being closed.

Do students who need to go upstairs really have to find someone to unlock the doors to access what most students can access without asking?

Submitted by Cengiz K.

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Daniel B.

As someone who was recently on crutches and frequently in the student hub and media office, it was difficult to get up the stairs and also quite embarrassing.

If there was a lift this would have been a lot easier and much less embarrassing.