Improvements to the cloakroom system
I want to see improvements to the cloakroom system because during this week’s FND it took me over an hour to leave the club because of how inefficient the cloakroom system is. The queueing is absolute shambles and it took far too long for each person to retrieve their coat. Many people around me were getting frustrated and many left without their coat because of it. It was also incredibly crowded and people with anxiety or claustrophobia would find it very difficult to stay there long enough to get their stuff. The benefit this idea will have will be that people can leave at a time that suits them after a night out and will not have to leave their coat behind when it’s absolutely freezing just because it takes too long to store and retrieve.
Submitted by Catherine R.

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Kinga W.

Strongly agree. Have the same problem whenever I decide to wear a coat on the nights out in the union. The queue is always so horrendous that recently my friends and I left our jackets on seats in Fusion during FND. Unfortunately, two of our coats got stolen... What is the point of having a cloak room if you cannot leave your jacket there because you have to queue for 50 minutes?

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