Stop Ticket Scalping for Union Events
This past year we have all seen tickets go on sale for nearly double the original price, and this is often the only way to buy tickets now as they sell out almost immediately.

I propose anyone caught trying to charge more than initial ticket price for LSU nights (Hey Ewe, Indie Night, FND, ect...) should have a temporary ban from buying tickets, be removed/have restricted access to said group and potentially be added to a publicly accessible untrusted buyers list.

This is a tried method that stops people immediately buying tickets for the sole reason of charging extra on the night, which ruins the university experience. Similar systems have been implemented for much larger unis for years (Example: University of Birmingham), using both student and union pressure to stamp out people reselling at inflated rates.

Ticket scalping is ruining the night out experience, resulting in a selfish few making money while ruining the night for those who actually want to go so please approve this to save union nights out.
Submitted by James H.

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