Improvements to bike sheds around campus, in particular in Faraday
Bike theft is one of the biggest types of theft that affects university students, and Loughborough is no different. Last year, I personally had my bike stolen from a Faraday bike shed, along with 10+ others from the same bike shed that year. This year has been no different, with bikes continuing to be stolen from the bike shed by Faraday U block, and I am sure this is a problem that is also faced across campus. Currently, Faraday has no CCTV cameras at all. All it would take to greatly deter thieves would be to put up a camera in the bike shed and one outside, otherwise this will continue to happen. I propose a focus group or smaller ideas forum to be held on this topic so that people can highlight bike sheds that are particularly affected and so that suggestions can be made of other ways to reduce bike theft on campus.
Submitted by Archie Y.

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