Put a free microwave in the library!
I want to see this idea to put a free microwave in the library implemented because this will allow more students to bring and heat their own healthy meals and resort less to vending machines and library food which is expensive to do frequently. The benefit this idea will have on the student body will be that students are able to study in the library even when the cafe is shut and focus better from proper meals without having to go home. This can help students save money and a better diet is also known to improve concentration and mental health.
Submitted by Abigail V.

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Ana-Maria Bilciu, Education Executive Officer

Ana-Maria Bilciu

Education Executive Officer,

Hi there! Thank you very much for your feedback – it is really important that our students do reach out to us and let us know what they would like us to work on! Before the Winter holiday, I have liaised with the Director of Library Services and University Librarian. When discussing your idea, our colleague has shared some of the reservations they have had, and the initial response was that having microwaves in the library was not something they could offer. However, Emma was wondering whether you (the students) could provide additional reasoning as to why this option is wanted, and this may lead to further conversations – I have provided your feedback the way you have written it in your submission. On a separate point, Emma suggested that it may be possible to further discuss the possibility of having free hot water, instead of students having to pay for it via their retail outlet/café – this is something that I intend to discuss with colleagues in Campus Living/Imago, to understand whether it would be an initiative they would be willing to further explore (and, if not, why that may be). As a result, I plan to get in touch with colleagues in Campus Living/Imago in due course. Once I make progress in that area, I will return to this thread to provide you with an update. I hope this update has provided you with the certainty that your valuable feedback has been raised with the appropriate individuals, and I am sorry if this is not the answer that you were looking for. If you would like me to further investigate this, please do not hesitate to comment below, and I shall endeavour to reach out to my colleagues again. Once again, thank you very much for submitting this!

Salomé Doré, Union President

Salomé Doré

Union President,

Great idea- we've submitted this for voting! Campaign to get 50 votes and we'll action this idea to an Executive officer to look into.

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Ana-Maria Bilciu

Education Executive Officer