The LSU should invest in Pornstar Martini Draught Taps in its bars.
I believe the LSU should bring pornstar martini draught taps to the bars within the union. This would help to improve student life by giving students the option to have their favourite cocktail on union nights out. Most people, don’t like the taste of alcohol so would opt for the existing VK drinks, however these are a low percentage of alcohol so will have to drink 7/8 to get more of a sugar rush than drunk. Thus, the cocktail tap will mean loughborough students can have an enjoyable drink whilst getting on a good level. Further, the draught tap will save bartenders time as they won’t have to make the pornstar martini from scratch. The popularity of the cocktail is likely to result in many sales and profits that could go towards Mojito and other cocktail draught taps. Overall, this drink would bring a new lease of life to the union bars and give students something to be excited about when the LSU events reopen in the future.
Submitted by James A.

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Sophie M.

Great idea!

Thomas Y.

It's just not really that important of an idea. Being someone that works at the Union, there's definitely no budget for it either. It's a popular cocktail yes but given the current circumstances in which we're living in, it's just not necessary????

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