The return of web check-in
Currently, the only way to check in to lectures is to use the MyLboro mobile app, available on iOS and Android, and requiring location tracking to be enabled.
I would like to see the return of the ability to check in to lectures on the website, rather than via the app, for the following reasons:

- Technical difficulties
For as long as the location-based check-in has been introduced, students have experienced problems with using it and many have turned instead to web check-in so that their recorded attendance is not affected by this.

- Social and economic barriers
With only the mobile app available as an option, all students are required to have a smartphone capable of running the app. These are expensive, and present a barrier of entry to disadvantaged students. With web check-in, students of all backgrounds are able to use public computers such as those provided in labs or in libraries.

- Supporting monopolistic practices
By requiring that all students have a device running either Apple or Google software, the university supports the monopolistic practices and accompanying abuses, past and future, of these companies against the privacy and other freedoms of the students.

- Unnecessary and invasive
The tracking information provided to the university is not needed simply to confirm whether students have attended lectures, in particular in the case of remote learning, as the app requires location to be enabled for checking in to online lectures that have no fixed location. It is an overreach of the university's responsibility to be requiring that students allow themselves to be tracked while not even being on campus.
Submitted by Michael P.

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