Add whether study facilities are open/accessible to the PC availability map
Although there is an extremely useful campus map showing the availability of PCs, many of these rooms are not open on weekends or out of hours. Some rooms are also only available to certain schools, and some rooms which have been previously open are no longer accessible out of hours, such as stem lab. This is frustrating and leads to a collection of students in one area, for example the library or haslegrave building.
An addition to the PC availability map which shows whether the building is actually open, and if the access is restricted to certain schools/departments would be very helpful, especially as study spaces start to get busier as term progresses. Especially with COVID, it is helpful to have more study space to spread out to.
Submitted by Holly E.

Student Leader Feedback

Ana-Maria Bilciu, Education Executive Officer

Ana-Maria Bilciu

Education Executive Officer,

Hi there! Thank you very much for your feedback – it is really important that our students do reach out to us and let us know what they would like us to work on! Although this idea has no reached the 50 votes threshold, I thought I would provide you with an update on the matter. Last year, I have liaised with colleagues regarding this exact topic – as a result, the University has actually created this functionality, which will hopefully come as great news! Unfortunately, I believe this may have not been communicated too heavily due to COVID-19 taking full priority, and the reduced need for students to make use of this feature. I have added two links below that will hopefully be what you were looking for: Computer Labs Availability: Live feed of available machines on campus: Once again, thank you very much for submitting this!

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