Create a Tenant's Union
Loughborough landlords can be excellent; some of them are great. However, there is a growing number of irresponsible and predatory landlords and letting agents who take advantage of students. Students are left with problems like mould, stolen deposits, and landlords who simply don't do their jobs.

I would like LSU's support to start a Tenant's Union, following the format of Tenants Union UK to provide support and representation for student tenants in Loughborough. Should this idea be a success, I can see it branching out to cover all tenants in Loughborough, student or not.

Our students deserve to know their rights, and deserve to be supported and helped when they need it.
Submitted by Lucie L.

3 Comment(s)

Seth J.

Isn't this what Campus Accommodation does anyway?

Deep S.

This is a brilliant idea and one Loughborough sorely needs - the landlords in this town are extortionate and shameless at times. Some landlords are Loughborough Lecturers too! There absolutely needs to be something like a tenants union to protect students, especially first-time student tenants in this town. It would help the residents of Loughborough too in reigning in dodgy landlords and rents.

Deep S.

Campus Accommodation is limited in what it can do and the services they can provide - they are only a small team of workers. What is needed is a large tenants union made up of elected student representatives who can co-ordinate mass action. Campus Accom. can tell you your rights or if your landlord is breaking the law, but without a tenants union, students will be powerless to enact change.