Create an online focus room for lboro students
Students around the world are unable to study in a public space, like a library or coffee shop, due to social distancing. This has made online focus rooms popular for students looking to study with a (virtual) room full of people. And even though Pilks is open, some people like to stay at home and study, or have no choice. The problem is, they can become socially isolated - especially during deadline and exam season. That's why Loughborough should create their own virtual library where any Lboro student can join a server and see a screen full of faces studying in their room just like them. Not only can this help students to focus on their work, it may also reduce the terrible loneliness they feel when they're studying in isolation which can be damaging for mental health. It's a simple enough idea which can be implemented through Zoom, Remo or any other platform*. It would require a little bit of money to set up and some monitoring, but I believe mental health and wellbeing is worth investing in!

*one example is
Submitted by Lydia C.

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