Keep Calm

Alex your Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer and Ana your Education Executive Officer have organised a range of events and advice to help you Keep Calm during this unusual exam and assessment period.

We know this time of year is challenging enough without all of the additional changes you’ve faced this year, from remote learning to online exams. This year we want to help you to:

  • Keep Calm
  • Keep Focused
  • Keep Healthy
  • Keep Going

Whether you need a little extra motivation, advice on your studies or a relaxing break from studying, we’re always here to help.



 Event date  Event time  Event type   Find out more 
 Thursday 3rd June  10am - 4.30pm  Puppy Petting  LSU Events
 Thursday 10th June  10am - 4.30pm  Puppy Petting  LSU Events
 Tuesday 15th June  10am - 4.30pm  Puppy Petting  LSU Events
 Monday 21st June  10am - 4.30pm  Puppy Petting  LSU Events


Study space

The LSU building will be open 24/7 from Tuesday June 1st - Sunday 20th June,  so there's extra space to study!  The space will be run on a first-come, first-served basis. The Union Building shop will be open every weekday from 08:30am – 7pm and 10am - 7pm at weekends for those all-important revision snacks too. You can also grab a bite to eat from The Lounge, or bring food in from The Daily Grind or Subway.

If you’re still in Loughborough and need a space to study remember you can also check how many free machines there are across campus online. Check it out here.


Studying tips

Keep Focused:

• Make a timetable – Focusing on revision for half an hour, then having a quick break can help you to build up your motivation.

• Talk to someone – Talk to your friends and course mates and see how they’re tackling any issues with motivation.

• Reward yourself – Once you’ve completed a revision topic, give yourself a reward that will bring you joy.

• Make some plans – Try and make some plans for when your assessments are over so you’ve got something exciting to visualise.


Keep Healthy: Looking after your physical and mental health should always come first:

• Get enough sleep – Being tired can affect your memory and concentration. Aim for between 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night.

• Fuel your body – Eating breakfast or a healthy snack before an exam can help to fuel your brain and body.

• Keep hydrated – Aim for 2 litres a day, especially if you’ve now got extended online exams.

• Get some Fresh air – Even a short walk, or ten minutes in the garden can make a big difference. 


Keep Going: Don’t let stress stand in your way:

• Make a list – Making a list can help clear your head of worries and help to visulaise your next steps.

• Try a mindful breathing exercise – Benefits include lowering blood pressure, slowing the heart rate and decreasing tensions.

• Talk to someone – It’s always best to share how you’re feeling, especially if you’re overwhelmed at the moment.

• Remember how far you’ve come – Remind yourself everything you’ve already achieved. We know you can do this!


Read Alex's latest blog post for his reflections on exams, plus signposting if you feel you need extra support and advice at the moment.


LSU Advice

LSU Advice are here to support students all year round, providing you with free, independent, confidential and non-judgemental advice for taught students and doctoral researchers at both the Loughborough and London campus.

Our team of specially trained advisors can support students through difficult times with their studies and advise on both informal and informal ways forward.

We can help you to understand University policies and regulations, to know your rights, to draft any emails or letters required, and where necessary attending meetings with you.


LSU Advice can help you to:

Avoid Academic Misconduct – Whether you’re considering cheating in your assessments, or have already been accused of Academic Misconduct, LSU Advice can help advise you on your next steps.

Submit a Mitigating Circumstances Claim – If you feel circumstances outside of your control have impacted your ability to complete assessments or exams, LSU Advice can support you in submitting a claim.