This is Media, The Creative Section!

LSU Media is a place for artists, creatives and individuals who are interested in producing exciting, new content. Whether you are an aspiring writer, filmmaker or presenting personality - LSU Media has the training, facilities and platform to help develop your skills and promote your work. 

Bragging Rights


In the last 5 years, we are lucky enough to have received over 15 awards for our volunteers astonishingly good work



If you don't like it, we're not gonna make you pay for it.

So we offer each and every one of our volunteers one free project to make sure its right for you!

If you had
One shot


You can also pay a small fee to get access to training, which is great if you're not sure if you want to get involved, or not sure what we offer.

Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment

If this all sounds like it's a you thing! You can pop a membership straight in your basket here

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Media Chair
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I have no previous Media experience - can I still join?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join Media - regardless of skill level or experience. We have an extensive list of Training Workshops that teach you how to use the equipment and facilities as well as provide volunteers with briefs to inspire new ideas and push the creation of fresh, exciting content. 


How do I become a Media Volunteer? 

You must first buy a Media Membership to become a volunteer. We have two memberships - Basic and Full. Once you have a membership, you will have access to our training programme and facilities. 


What does being a Media Volunteer entail? 

As a Media Volunteer, you will have access to our brand new training programme, which teaches you how to use our equipment and software to make your own content. You can work alone or as a team to create films, photographs, radio shows, articles and so much more in our state-of-the-art facilities. The content you create will then be posted and shared on our social media channels and entered into student competitions. 


Why Media matters?

Media is a place that develops students creativity by providing them with the facilities, equipment and real industry experience to flourish in their section. Whether it’s editing videos, taking pictures, writing articles or recording broadcasts - media will support you to improve your skills and progress in the media field. The hardwork you put into Media will not only teach you an excellent work ethic but the content you create will make fantastic additions to your portfolio and CV.