Loughborough Experience Awards 2021

On Friday 25th June we held the 2021 Loughborough Experience Awards (LEAs) in person in Room One of LSU (even if it was smaller than usual and socially distanced). It was fantastic to see so many members of our #Lborofamily and community together, celebrating everything we’ve achieved over the past 12 challenging months! Thanks to every who submitted a nomination, we received over 200 nominations of students, staff teams and wardens who have shaped your Loughborough journey. Our panel of judges read your nominations, chose a shortlist of nominees and decided the winners of the 2021 LEAs!


Loughborough Experience Award:

Abigail Hampson (winner)

Bradley Duff (shortlisted)

Lety Knudsen (shortlisted)

Thomas Young (winner)

Neve Fields (shortlisted)

Leah Langley (shortlisted)

Emily Turnbull (winner)

James Bostock (shortlisted)

Olivia Hollings (shortlisted)

Oliver Ellis (winner)

Charlotte Sargent (shortlisted)

Corey Moore (shortlisted)

Nafees Daradia (winner)

Mali Wheeler (winner)

Rajeev Jhaj (shortlisted)

Amie Woodyatt (shortlisted)

Connor Andrews (winner)

Iman Khan (winner)

Natalie Doyle (shortlisted)

Joshua-Jai Williams-Clifford(shortlisted)


Staff Member of the Year

Hannah McManmon (shortlisted)

Manesh Mistry (shortlisted)

Sharon Williams (winner)


Warden Team (Member) of the Year

Dr Katryna Kalawsky (winner)

Simon Wombwell (shortlisted)

Tina Leeland (shortlisted)


Team of the Year

Recreational & Social Sport Committee (shortlisted)

University Testing Centre (Connect & Protect) (winners)

Hall Students’ Federation (shortlisted)


Vice-President’s Award

COVID Community Champions Volunteers


President’s Award

Professor Neil Budworth


Sir David Wallace Trophy

Oliver Ellis