Statement: Removal of Cognito’s from LSU’s Venue Operations image

We would like to address a number of comments made following Returners’ FND (Friday 8th October) which relate specifically to the removal of The Lounge (formally Cognito's/Cogs) from LSU’s weekly venue operations - a space previously valued by many of our members, particularly by our ethnic minority communities.

As part of LSU’s recent refurbishment program, research conducted (Youthsight, 2019) identified that LSU didn’t offer welcoming or enjoyable spaces for students wishing to engage in activities outside of its nightclub operation. Research further highlighted alongside a more diverse daytime/evening offering, LSU should incorporate more flexibility into its spaces (including increasing the availability of study spaces and spaces for Student Groups) to operate within. In order to create these spaces, both The Living Room (formally Piazza) and The Lounge (formally Cogs), were removed from our night-time operations in order to create more versatile student spaces; suitable for a wider range of day and nighttime activities.

We acknowledge that as part of this process a space valued by our ethnic minority communities has been removed.

Following the feedback received, we would like to work with our ethnic minority communities to facilitate a welcoming and diverse space/offering balanced alongside the priorities of the wider student population. 

As part of this approach, we’re looking for members of both our existing student communities (including Ethnic Minorities Network, International Students Network, and LSU’s Culture, Nation, and Faith Societies) and non-affiliated student members to co-create a solution, within our capabilities, to support in our delivery of this piece of work.

If you’re interested in being involved, please register your interest by Friday 15th October, 5.00 pm.
We would like to offer 10 places to members of existing LSU Student Communities (those who hold an LSU committee position) and 10 places to non-affiliated student members (those who do not hold an LSU committee position) who wish to help lead in the development of a suitable, deliverable solution.