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Dear colleagues,


As you will be aware, we have recently moved from an internal IT support model to using an externally managed service. There is a significant and complex handover process underway, and so far our new suppliers, Provident, have been exemplary in providing support where own infrastructure has experienced problems over the past few weeks. We are now in a position to move our helpdesk functionality over to Provident, and the welcome message from the team below will explain how this new service will work. I thank you for bearing with us during this transition – I understand the frustrations some of you have experienced, and I greatly appreciate the patience you have all shown.


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First up – a huge welcome from all of us at Provident IT Solutions LTD. To get you up to speed with how to best work with us to get the most out of your Technology, here’s a short email below which covers off the basics.


Getting IT Help

We’ll run through the best ways for you to get help (we call each request for help a Service Request). Whenever we talk about a Service Request Number – please know that we aren’t doing it to make you feel like just “another number in the system” (that’s the last thing we ever want to do) – we’re doing it to make sure can help you as fast and efficiently as possible (a reference number is typically the fastest way to track things down).


Here’s the best ways to ask for help:

  • Email
    The fastest way to open a new Service Request is to shoot an email to This creates a Service Request immediately for us to get started on. Make sure the subject line is descriptive (e.g. “Setup new user for Frank”) and put as many notes and screenshots as possible in the body of the email to save us having to interrupt you to ask for more details;
  • Telephone
    If your request is urgent or you’d like to talk to us, simply give us a call on 01664 650100 and we’ll be able to grab all the details and enter a Service Request for you. Bear in mind that while we’d love to be able to give immediate support over the phone, it’s not always possible;
  • Out-of-Hours
    If you need help outside of normal operating hours, simply call us on 01664 650100 and follow the emergency support option. Please bear in mind extra charges may apply and our guaranteed response times don’t apply at these times;
  • EPOS
    Issues with EPOS systems should continue to be emailed to where they will be assigned to Rich Barker.

QUICK TIP:  If you call our mobile phones or email us directly, it will most likely add an unnecessary delay as we don’t monitor these anywhere near as much as we do our main Service Request system.

If you’re ever unsure of the best way to do anything – just give us a call!