Exec Elections 21 - By-Election Key dates and information

Here are the key dates and information for the 2021 LSU Exec Elections By-Election:
Friday 27th August, 9 am - Friday 3rd Sept, 12 pm (noon).
Thursday 9th September, 9 am 
Wednesday 15th  September, 9 am - Friday 17th September, 4 pm
Results Announcement:
Friday 17th September, 4 pm

Nominations: Friday 27th August – Friday 3rd September
Nominations can be submitted for the below roles online at lsu.co.uk/elections once nominations open at 9.00 am on Friday 27th August:

Voting: Wednesday 15th September – Friday 17th September
If you have any questions about the Exec Elections please get in touch at elections@lsu.co.uk and best of luck to anyone considering running!