LEAs shortlist revealed

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We’ve had over 300 nominations of students, staff, teams and wardens who’ve shaped your Loughborough journey. Now it’s time for these Loughborough Legends to get the recognition they deserve! Our panel of judges have read your nominations, chosen a shortlist and decided who will be the winners of the 2020 LEAs!

We’ll be announcing the winners and celebrating the Lboro Family at a very special online award ceremony, and we’re working hard behind the scenes to give you the best celebration we can in the current circumstances.


More will be revealed soon, but in the meantime here’s the 2020 LEAs shortlist:

Loughborough Experience Awards Shortlist

Adam Derham 
Alex Marlowe 
Alistair Thorne 
Amie Woodyatt 
Ashley Van Bruygom 
Brodie Miller 
Callum Parke 
Charlotte Style 
Chloë Morgan 
Chris Leroux 
Chris Nixon 
Edward Radford 
Emily Hook 
Emily Hansell 
Farhannah Badruzaman 
Fejiro Amam 
Fraser Barclay 
Helena Lucas
Jack Anderson 
Jodie Evans 
James Phenix 
Joshua Gray 
Laura Dench 
Lea Sawicki 
Naomi Howlett 
Nicholas Johnson 
Seonni Patel 
Stuart Ashton 
Tom Calcluth 
Zac Jordan 

Team of The Year Shortlist

Green Pea 
Rag Committee 
School Presidents 
Welfare & Diversity Committee 

Staff Member of The Year Shortlist
Alison Johnston 
Anne Cato 
Ben Steward 
Callum Johnston 
Giulia Cipolla 
Jane Turner 
Kath Swift 
Laura Cutts 
Nicky Conway 
Steve Potter 

Warden Team (Member) of The Year Shortlist
Bee King 
Karl Brennan 
Ruth Casey 
Simon Wombwell 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination and congratulations to everyone shortlisted!