5 lockdown boredom busters

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So after almost two months of lockdown, the days are blurring together and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep boredom at bay. Don’t worry, our Exec have got your back, and have put a list of things to do in lockdown in between revision sessions.



1. Listen to our Enterprise volunteers amazing Podcasts 

Connect with inspo, info and independence for students aiming to start projects, side hustles and to shake up the companies they will (or currently) work for. Our podcasts, produced by student volunteers from Loughborough University, build conversations aimed at tackling practical issues faced by student entrepreneurs. Stories we share will equip you with knowledge & guidance for your career plans. Our mission is to prepare you to lead whatever career path you choose by learning from others & being open about the difficulties faced on different journeys. Start listening here, or search LSU Enterprise Podcast on Spotify.


2. Feel like you’re not really a Loughborough student without the sport aspect?  

Lockdown getting you down? Missing that just hit Powerbase feeling? Loughborough Sport have created a dedicated lockdown page with free workouts, challenges and more! Check it out here. After all, lockdown is where history begins...


3. Look out for yourself, and others. 

Sometimes it can feel like wellbeing blogs and tips are more of a hindrance than a help. They can be especially guilty of pummeling you with advice, ranging from ensuring you look at your phone less than ten times a day, to recommending you drink nothing but celery juice for a week (we don’t recommend it, it’s an acquired taste). Instead, do what feels right for you. There’s nothing wrong with spending a day doing nothing if that’s what you need. 


So long as it is not having a negative impact on your mental health (you will know your own limits), technology can be of great benefit. Our Welfare & Diversity section are releasing audiobook episodes of Harry Potter every Tuesday and Thursday on their Facebook page, and they’ve got virtual ‘Tea & Talk’ sessions every Friday afternoon to allow you to connect remotely with other students. 


Though our circumstances and wider society may have changed over the last few months, at your heart you still remain yourself. Do what feels right for you and take time to treat yourself. It's a marathon, not a sprint. You've got this!


4. Struggling to be productive when you start revising?

Forest App is the perfect app to help you stay focused, productive and motivated while revising. Through the app, you will grow a virtual forest by not interacting with your phone during set designated revision times, earning virtual currency to purchase real life trees with.


5.  Check out a virtual tour of museums from around the world.

Our much-loved museums and art galleries may have closed their physical doors due to the current outbreak, but don’t despair. Tech-savvy curators are getting creative with how the public can access their collections, and many are catering to an online audience with insanely good virtual tours. 

So, pop the kettle on, settle into the sofa and gear up for some seriously enlightening self-isolation with these museums you can explore from home. 


Even though our Lboro Family is currently apart, we're still here for you, so if there's anything you need feel free to get in touch with us at union@lsu.co.uk.