LU Account Audit/Review

Loughborough University creates a number of different types of user accounts. Most of these are for current students and staff, but some relate to external users that require access to some University systems or facilities. LSU is a significant user of these external accounts. An LU account is created for you at the most basic level if you have registered your car to be able to pass through the Gatehouse barriers via the ANPR scanner. In addition to this, some of you will have more sophisticated accounts that involve an email address and access to some systems, such as Adobe Creativity Suite.

Please click or scan the QR code below to complete a short questionnaire, providing us with your LU account details so that we can assist the University in their review of external accounts. This will ensure your continued access via your account - if you do not complete this questionnaire by Friday 12 February, you should expect your account to expire thereafter.

Link to LU Account Audit Questionnaire

LSU People Development Team