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Annual Leave

The government recently announced that the Job Retention Scheme would be extended to the end of September 2021 in line with the roadmap to lifting Covid restrictions nationally. Therefore, many of us will remain on flexible furlough for longer than originally anticipated. Meanwhile, students will gradually return to campus and our commercial operations will start to reopen over the coming weeks and months. LSU's annual leave year runs from 1 September to 31 August each year, meaning that the leave year will change whilst some colleagues are still furloughed. We would like to remind you that five days annual leave can be carried over from one year to the next, so we encourage colleagues to take any leave they have not yet booked between now and the end of August to avoid forfeiting any of this. LSU closure dates and public holidays have all been updated for this calendar year in Timetastic.

Please note that furloughed colleagues should continue to book holiday on days normally furloughed in order to avoid artificially inflating their remaining allowance.

The link to Timetastic can be found on the People Development Portal.

Casual Workers

As our outlets and operations begin ramping up again, we will be ending the furlough scheme for casual colleagues at the end of April. This will mean that the last furlough payments for casual colleagues will be received in May, along with a lump-sum of accrued holiday pay at the same 80% rate. All casual contracts will expire on 23 June 2021 in line with the end of the University semester. Any managers wishing to employ casuals between 24 June and 1 September will be provided with advice on how to do this.

People Development will be contacting managers to make arrangements for the annual casual recruitment drive in the coming weeks. We have a new recruitment module bolted on to Staff Savvy that should make recruiting casuals significantly more streamlined. We will, in due course, work with you and provide guidance on the process. If anyone would like to offer suggestions for improvements in the meantime, please send these through to

Health Shield Claims

Our Health Shield cash plan is due for renewal on 1 November 2021, so we advise you submit any outstanding claims you may have for this year well in advance of the end of October. You can log on to the Health Shield website using your membership number or registered email address.

Health & Safety Policies

LSU is in the process of having our new suite of Health and Safety policies approved by the Board of Trustees. These draft policies are now available via the People Development Portal under "Our Health and Safety Policies". It is very important that you understand your responsibilities with regards Health and Safety as we begin to return to the building in due course. Our Covid policy is still located in "Our People Policies".

You will all have been recently sent an email from regarding asymptomatic Covid testing. If you are required to work in the building and do not have prior approval, you require the approval of a Director to do this. Mass testing is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. If you are working in the building regularly, you are advised to take a Lateral Flow Test twice weekly. If you are attending infrequently, it advised to have a test prior to entering the building. 

Tests are being undertaken at the Asymptomatic Test Centre at the Martial Arts Centre on the University campus (click for map). You should pre-book your test using this form, where you will be required to provide your LSU email address in order to be eligible. In the field titled "Loughborough Students' Union or Loughborough College ID number" you should enter your surname to allow the centre to track your test through the system.

Please note that the above is only for asymptomatic testing - anyone presenting Covid symptoms should follow the latest government advice.