People Policies Update

Dear colleagues,

Following on from the communication sent out last week in respect of our new People Development Portal where our Team can now access all our policies in one central location, I am writing to advise that LSU has undergone an organisational wide review of the policies and procedures that apply to your employment at LSU.

As a reminder, you can click here to find all the new and updated policies. These policies are the ones that should be used by all employees, and all previous versions are void. These policies were reviewed carefully by the HR and Remuneration Committee and then by the Board of Trustees in early 2020. At the meetings, it was decided that appropriate changes to the terms and conditions of employment were required to support the financial health of LSU. All of our policies are still above statutory requirement. I’d like to advise that the below policies have had changes that you should review:

The other policies have been reviewed and updated, to ensure they are more practicable in practice for employees and line managers. For example, the probationary review policy has a clearly defined process that will be followed during an employee’s probationary period. We have also introduced a dignity at work policy that protects employees from victimisation, bullying or harassment at work and gives employees a clearly define process of reporting this. Further, we have created a training portfolio to assist line managers with following policy and procedure that will be made available in due course.

I’d like to advise that LSU is also in the midst of reviewing its employee benefits package and we have made significant improvements to our Death in Service cover. As well as that we are following our HR consultant’s benchmarking exercise of all SU’s employee benefits within the Midlands region. This will help us review and shape our current benefits package and we are excited to share this with you soon.

We encourage you to review these as soon as possible and ask queries if you need clarification on any of the matters. If you wish to discuss any policy changes, you can direct your queries to the Director of Finance and Operations or our HR Consultant.

Additionally, please note that whilst browser homepages are in the process of being updated to default to the People Development Portal you are able to access this anytime via a link in the “Your Union” heading in the main website menu and via the “Site links” menu in the footer. Please ensure you check it regularly for updated news and resources.