Become a Student Trustee or sit on the Democracy & Representation Committee (DRC).


Are you ready to help run your SU? We need you! 


Nominations open soon for our Student Trustees (Directors) and positions on the Democracy & Representation Committee (DRC).


If you are a student at Loughborough University or Loughborough University London next year you’re eligible to run! No experience is needed you just need to be interested in playing an active role in your SU!

We’re recruiting for 5 students to become Student Trustees (Directors) and 15 students to sit on the Democracy & Representation Committee (DRC).



Key Dates:


Nominations: Thursday 27th May at 9am - Sunday 30th May at 5pm  

Voting: Tuesday 2nd June at 9am - Friday 4th June at 4pm. 


Nominate and vote at



Student Trustees (Directors):


5 Student Trustees are elected from LSU members, through a cross campus election, to sit on a Board of 15 Directors.


As a Director you will have a legal responsibility to ensure that they Union complies with the Companies Act and Union’s Articles of Association.


As a Trustee you are responsible for ensuring the Union carries out its charitable objectives:


  • enriching and enhancing the educational experience of its members as people as well as intellectuals
  • providing opportunities for members to develop their personal maturity, leadership, and communication and other skills
  • acting as the principal body representing its members’ views and interests within their institution, to the local community and nationally
  • enhancing the student community and student wellbeing by providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities, and forums for discussions and debate
  • ensuring that students experiencing problems with student life can get the support and help they need, and seeking to minimise the likelihood of the problems occurring



Democracy and Representation Committee (DRC):


The Democracy & Representation Committee (DRC) is a group of 15 elected students who together act as the regulatory and procedural body for the Union’s activities. Any constitutional or non-administrative policy changes are approved by them, and they are responsible for ensuring that activities such as Elections, the Ideas Forum and disciplinary appeals are run properly. 


They also hold the Executive Team to account, ensuring that they represent the whole of the student body here at Loughborough.


Positive Change


Sitting on DRC allows you to make a positive change across both of our campuses. The committee reviews non-administrative Union Policy, allowing you to shape how LSU represents our members, and supports the discipline process, ensuring that all students are given a fair hearing. 


Changes made can be little – like supporting an Idea to reduce the Union’s energy consumption – through to large proposals to change the Executive structure. But whatever the changes the committee supports, they’re always there to improve the student experience and make life at Loughborough better!




“Sitting on DRC is a fab opportunity to gain experience in diplomacy, meaningful representation, and operational policy. But critically, it allowed me to see another side of LSU - after Uni going into a new workplace can be a shock, but seeing another side to an institution you're familiar with can help prepare you for future changes, making you more flexible, adaptable, and equipped for new environments.” – Amie Woodyatt, DRC 2019-20


“DRC is an invaluable opportunity to be at the forefront of governance and organisational change and to hold those in positions of power to account on the decisions that they make. It is a great place to gain practical experience for your CV that will make you stand out from the crowd!” – Livia Watts, DRC 2019-21


“It's been really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of running our Exec Elections each year. Run for DRC if you're interested in making sure they are free and fair next year and have your chance to shape how they are run to ensure that our executive represents all students!” – Ben Cooke, DRC 2020-21


“DRC has been a really interested look into the inner working of the Union. I have particularly enjoyed the insights into governance and policy that the elections sub committee have given me.” – Ben Andrews, DRC 2020-21


“DRC is a unique opportunity to shape your Students’ Union, its policies and its objectives. By being a part of this committee, you can help champion democracy and representation across both of our campuses, with involvement in Union elections, student discipline, Exec accountability and student ideas. It’s a fantastic way to become more involved in your Students’ Union, and I couldn’t recommend running enough!” – Joshua Gray, DRC 2018-21